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The Value of Words

Rests Not on Who Speaks Them

8 March 1990
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Elements -

Friends: I've recently cut ties with one of my closest friends for nine years. Another close friend is moving back into the state after over a year away. I'm making a concious effort to meet new people and extend my circle of friends.

Family: Oh, my family shows up a lot. I've lived with my single mother my entire life in government housing. I'm close to my mother's side of the family though everyone has . . . very big personalities. My father was recently incarcerated down south and has never really been an issue in my life. Still, I keep in contact with my paternal grandmother, trying to get along with her despite her rather old-fashioned ideas.

School: I'm attending school to become a court reporter via distance learning with a school in California. You'll hear a lot of complaining as I try to learn the three-semester theory. I'm also taking language classes at the local community college.

Work: I'm starting a new job as a client services professional. After that I hope to get work as a legal secretary with the experience I've earned.

Reading: I love to talk about the books that I'm reading or the movies that I've seen. There will be a lot of rambling on this subject.

Writing: I do a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction and short stories. I'm working on a fantasy novel and a science fiction novel.